"Twisting wires on fish tape:"

From: Tim Chism

When you are preparing  to pull in 11 #10 THHN CU Solid and you have 2 Groups (3 ungrounded & 1 neutral), dedicated circuit( 1 ungrounded and 1 neutral conductor) and a ground wire. Take the wires and strip each wire back about 8 - 10". Take the first group of 4 wires and stagger them a little and twist them together as if you were making a joint. Twist them for about 2 to 3 " and then cut off 3 wires leaving one. Then do the next group the same way as well as the dedicated group and ground. Then when you are done twisiting, take the lead wire of each group and hook them onto the head of the fish tape in opposite directions of each other and staggered. Now just tape the head up well and you are ready to pull. This is a sure fire way that this type head will not break or pull loose and also it makes a pretty small head.

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