"Installing MC or BX cable with ease:"

From: Mark Tidmore <Mark7@hotmail.com>

When installing one of these aluminum or metal fabricated cable assemblies always start with the end from the center or middle of the coil. Take the end from the center and pull out enough coils that you estimate to be the length of the run that you will be installing. Roll this out onto the floor between both of your forearms as you would a coil of wire and install cable. On a larger installation that you expect to install the entire roll, unroll the entire cable onto the floor and take the end that you last end up with (this is the same as the end from
the middle) and install cable. This prevents drag and catching on metal studs, suspended ceilings, bar joists, etc. The reason for this can be easily noticed by looking at the cable sheath. The corrugated edges on
the cable only "catch" on things in one direction.

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