"Easy way to find phase for circuit number:"


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For 3 phase systems:

A easy way to figure what phase a circuit number is to divide it by 6 and what ever the remainder is will be the corresponding phase. If it divides evenly it is always "C" phase.

Panel Phase Positions
1   A   2
B   4
5   C   6
7   A   8
9    B   10
11  C  12
and so on...

Lets say you have circuit number 27. Divide it by 6 , which 6 will go into 27 , 4 times leaving a remainder of 3. Normally panels are labeled with the odds on the left and the evens on the right. So 3 is the second one down from the top on the odd side, so therefore it will be "B" phase. Let's try another one; Say your circuit number is 54. Divide it by 6, which 6 will go into 49, 9 times leaving a   remainder of 0(Remember if it goes in evenly it will always be "C" Phase).. So the correct phase for circuit 49 will be "C" phase. This is taken in consideration if the the 3 phase system is phased A,B,C left to right. This is the normal phasing of a system.

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