"Drywall Biscuits For Old Work:"

From: Steve Miller: Cheyenps@aol.com

When we need to notch a stud or fireblock to run flex/Romex in a wall, we use the hole saws to cut down on the mess and to make the repair easier later. Find the center of the stud. Drill through the drywall with a 3" hole saw, and save the round "biscuit" for patching later. Don't drill out the stud yet. Switch to a 1 1/2" (EMT size) hole saw and plunge drill the stud far enough to get your flex/Romex in. Knock out the round wooden "plug" with a chisel.
The 3" "biscuit opening" should give you enough room reach in and fish your wire from stud cavity to stud cavity. Once you get your wire in, nail a Dottie plate over the notch you have made and glue the drywall biscuit back in.


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