July 2001
Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 1999 Code Book.

Question #1:
Capacitors containing  more than __ gallons of flammable liquid shall be enclosed   in vaults or outdoor fenced enclosures.
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

Question #2:
The residual voltage of a capacitor 600 volts or less, shall be reduced to ___ volts or less, with in ___ minute(s) after the capacitor is disconnected from the supply source.
(A) 100 volts, 2 minutes
(B)  50 volts, 1 minute
(C)  40 volts, 2 minutes
(D)  35 volts, 1 minute

Question #3:
The ampacity of capacitor circuit conductor, 600 volts or less, shall be less than ___% of the ampacity of the the rated current of the capacitor.
(A) 115%    
(B) 125%
(C) 135%
(D) 140%

Question #4:
When installing resistors and reactors, 600 volts or less,  in close proximity of each other a thermal barrier shall be installed if the space between the resistors and reactors and any combustible material is less than ___ inches.
(A) 6 inches
(B) 9 inches
(C) 12 inches
(D) 15 inches

Question #5:
When sizing overcurrent protection for electric welders, the code allows now more than ___% of the rated primary current of thw welder.
(A) 115%
(B) 125%
(D) 200%

Question #6:
If installing MC Cable under a raised floor for information technology equipment, it is not required to secure the cable in place per article 334-10(a) ?
(A) True
(B) False 

Question #7:
What is the minimum clearance of a insulated service drop 750 volts or less from the the water level, edge of water surface, base of diving board, or permanently anachored raft of a swimming pool.
(A) 12 feet
(B) 15 feet
(C) 22 feet
(D) 25 feet

Question #8:
What is the ampacity of 250 mcm, THWN, copper at 75C in a raceway?
(A) 225
(B) 235
(C) 255
(D) 265

Question #9:
What is the minimum bending radius for 2" PVC?
(A) 18 inches
(B) 22 inches
(C) 26 inches
(D) 28 inches

Question #10:
What is the maximum number of #12 conductors in a 4 11/16" x 1 1/2" box?
(A) 11
(B) 12
(C) 13
(D) 18

Thanks for taking E.T.E.'s Code quiz!

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