January 2003

Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 2002 Code Book.


Question #1:
When calculating feeders, branch circuits or service size, and the computations come less than 0.5 amp, you must round up.
(A) True    
(B) False

Question #2:
The minimum copper wire size for an overhead service is ____ AWG?
(A) #10    
(B) #8    
(C) #6
(D) #1/0

Question #3:
When using the "10 foot tap rule", the tap conductors that the leave the enclosure where the tap was made, the rating of the overcurrent device on the line side of the tap conductors shall not exceed ___ times the ampacity of the tap conductor.  
(A) 5    
(B) 10    
(C) 17
(D) 20

Question #4:
What is the total length of the tap conductor when using the "Tap over 25 foot rule"?
30 feet    
(B) 50 feet
(C) 100 feet
(D) 125 feet

Question #5:
What is the minimum copper wire size used on the "Tap over 25 foot rule"?
(A) #8
(B) #6    
(C) #4
(D) #1

Question #6:.
Is it permissible by code when a single conductor that is carrying AC power to pass through metal that has magnetic properties in which slots are cut in the metal between the individual holes through which the individual conductors pass to prevent inductive effects.
(A) True    
(B) False

Question #7:
What is the metric designator for 3/4" conduit?
(B) 21
(C) 27    
(D) 35

Question #8:
A disconnect for a 75 HP, Design E motor can be sized at ____ times the HP rating the motor?

(A) 1.25    
(B) 1.3
(C) 1.4    
(D) 1.5

Question #9:
Is it permissible  to install MC Cable in a Class I, Division 1 area?
(A) True
(B) False

Question #10:
Intrinsically safe wiring is color coded __________  for identifying purposes? 
(A) light brown
(B) green
(C) light blue
(D) dark blue

Thanks for taking E.T.E.'s Code quiz!

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