August 1999

Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 1999 Code Book.


This month quiz is on Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Therapeutic Tubs and Hydromassage Bathtubs.
Brought to you by Robert Keis.

Question #1:
The No. 8 solid bonding conductor for a swimming pool is not required to be connected to which of the following?
(A) deck reinforcing metal
(B) main electric service panelboard
(C) metal ductwork 12 feet above the water level of the pool
(D) a metal fence 5 feet from the inside edge of the pool

Question #2:
The power supply cord for a 48 inch deep above ground swimming pool filter pump motor is limited to which of the following lengths?
(A) 3 feet
(B) 6 feet
(C) 12 feet
(D) no limit

Question #3:
A 240-volt receptacle is installed at a distance of 14 feet from the inside walls of an in-ground swimming pool to provide power for a filter pump. Which of the following best describes code requirements for this receptacle?
(A) Ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection must be provided for this receptacle.   
(B) A 240-volt receptacle is not permitted for a swimming pool filter pump.
(C) A 240-volt receptacle at 14 feet does not require GFCI protection.
(D) None of the above.

Question #4:
Complete the following sentence. A filter pump motor for a storable swimming pool shall incorporate an approved system of double insulation or its equivalent and _________________.
(A) shall be grounded with an equipment ground wire run with the power supply conductors
(B) shall have a No. 8 solid copper conductor connected to a ground rod at the motor
(C) shall have a No. 8 solid copper conductor bonded to the pool frame
(D) no equipment ground is required because of the double insulation

Question #5:A listed package spa assembly is purchased with a factory installed ground-fault circuit-interrupter on the factory supplied 15 ft long cord. This unit is to be cord- and plug-connected indoors to a wall receptacle located 12 feet from the inside of the spa assembly. Which of the following complies with code requirements for this cord and receptacle?
(A) The receptacle is not required to have GFCI protection as it is provided on the cord by the manufacturer.
(B) GFCI protection is not required for the receptacle because the receptacle is not within 10 feet of the spa
(C) GFCI protection is required for the receptacle even though the cord came with built-in GFCI protection.
(D) GFCI protection is only required if the supply is rated 240-volts.

Question #6:
A hydromassage bathtub is installed at a sports medicine facility to be used by members. There is a 125-volt, 20-ampere, single-phase wall receptacle located 5 feet from this tub. Which of the following best describes code requirements for this installation?
(A) No receptacles are permitted within 10 feet of this tub.
(B) No receptacles are permitted within 5 feet of this tub.
(C) All receptacles within 10 feet must have GFCI protection
(D) All receptacles within 5 feet must have GFCI protection.

Question #7:
A decorative fountain is installed in a shopping mall. Which of the following best describes code requirements for the lighting fixtures which are installed in this fountain?
(A) The exposed cord within the fountain shall not exceed 10 feet in length.
(B) No fixture shall operate at more than 150 volts between conductors
(C) Fixtures shall not be permanently embedded into the structure.
(D) All the above

Question #8:
A permanently wired radiant heater is to be installed in a swimming pool enclosure. Which of the following would not be approved by code for this installation?
(A) The heater shall be securely fastened to its mounting devices.
(B) The heater shall be permitted over the pool if mounted higher than 12 feet.
(C) The heater must be at least 5 feet horizontally from the inside of the pool
(D) The heater shall be suitably guarded

Question #9:
Which of the following wiring methods is not approved by code to be used for the indoor portion of the circuit for swimming pool underwater lighting fixtures at a dwelling unit?
(A) Electrical metallic tubing
(B) Rigid nonmetallic conduit
(C) Electrical nonmetallic tubing
(D) Nonmetallic-sheathed cable

Question #10:
An in-ground swimming pool is installed at a dwelling unit where the pool edge is only 4 feet from the patio door into the family room. There is a code required lighting outlet installed near the door and 8 feet above the deck.. Which of the following if any, is required by code for this light?
(A) The existing light must be provided with GFCI protection.
(B) The light must be moved back to more than 5 feet because there can be no lights within 5 feet of the pool.
(C) The light is okay where located because it is an existing outlet and no additional requirements apply.
(D) The light must be moved to at least 12 feet above the pool deck.

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