"Solving Tough Underground Pulls:"

From: R. Becker  itsmerewb@aol.com

Ever had this happen? Underground conduit, vaccuum cannot get the mouse past the last 90, and the fish tape even with a leader, does no better? Since underground is best pulled with something other than jet line anyway, we do the following. Take two fish tapes, one long enough to make the distance, the other can be a shorty. Take a piece of string line, not jet line, about 15 inches long and tie a series of loops in it(about 5). Attach the string to the long fish tape and feed it as far as it will go. Then pull it back about 2 feet. This will set your loops at the end of the tape. Feed the second tape from the other end and hook the first tape by the loops on the string. Have a man at each end to help feed the long tape the last little bit as the string is not high tensile strength. This method is very easy to master and the string will not ball up and jam the conduit like jet line can. Those of you who have had this happen know what I'm talking about! Good luck on those tough underground pulls.

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