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"Latest Additions" - Tricks of the Trade

Drive Ground Rod with Ease - J. McDuffie II Locating covered up boxes in walls - C. Collins
Cool off PVC in Seconds - J. McDuffie II

Remove PVC coating with ease - C. Collins

Tricks of the Trade Archives

Holesaw quick release - JS Sornberger
Some quick tool related tricks - Terry Duke
Prevent drills from wrapping insulation - Tony I
rough ends from getting dinged - Tony I
Use Jack Chain for Block Walls - K. Higgins
How To make a Conduit Reducer - D. Haggard
Pushing wire with ease - J. Scaff
Locating Penetrations - R. Becker
Inserting KO Seals - K. Brosie
Solving tough underground wire pulls - R. Becker
Easy MC Cable Pulling -
J. Fisher
500' Wire Spools and 1/2" Tubing - Mike
Use Foam for Underground Splicing - Larry
Protect wires from sharp edges in panel - B. Bamford
Dustless Recess Install - G. Nuzzi
Save Your Fish Tape - G. Lahr
Running Nuts On All-thread - J. Amado
Use Utility Knife To Cut PVC - M. Brown

Shorten conduit w/o damaging wire - M. Brown
Trim Out Advice - B. Smith
Use Velcro To Hold Tester - K.Vienneau
Use Golfball To Snake Pipe - D. Prettyman
Threading PVC Coated Rigid Pipe - R.G.D.
Use Metal Strapping To Fish Walls - C. Kraweic
Use ENT To Fish Walls - E. Brittain
Locating Walls In Basments - A. McNeil
Ground Rod Driver - B. Setliff
One Man Wire Pull
Ground Rod In Frozen Ground - H. Hanson
Straighten Your Mangled Fish Tape - S. Albergo
Use Cloth Bag For Photocell Test - S. Albergo
Use #12 To Fish Insulated Walls - Jack
Leave Plastic Wrap on Spring Nut - D. Kellerman-Smith
How To Get Obstructions Out Of Pipe - M. Vervotte
Fishing Insulated Walls - Mark D. Shepard
Use Compact Mirror to see in wall - Richard Epley
Removing 'Chico' with Ease - Richard Epley
Mark Wirenuts With Pen - Norm Grimsby
Fishing An Eave - Bryan Schneider
Amps By Multiplication
PVC Thread-in Connector Lube - EMS
Smoothing Sharp Boxes - Scott
A Good Way To Bend Wiremold - GR Friscia
Use Bulb To Check Short Circuit - Brian Drumm
Fishing Alone Made Easy - Brian Drumm
Modify your cutting pliers to retain wire pieces - Dave Weaver
Replacing residential switch boxes - Bart Johnson
Use Wire Nut to push Wire - Mel Halcom
Use Copper Tubing To Set Ground Rod - Robert W.
Lifting Wire Spools With Less Ache - Andy Bailey
Perfect Templet For Recess Cans - Shawn
Use A Rubber Ball For Clean-Up - Rod Fleming
Galvanized Wire Twister - Allen Barnett
Portable Dust mask in your Hardhat - M. Blanford
Cutting EMT with a Tubing Cutter - Shawn Moffitt
Hammer Through Block Walls - Randy Dillon
Use Bender To Bend PVC - Lynn Foley
Use Pliers To Ream Pipe - Randy Adkins
Easy Way To Set Nail-In Anchors - Eric Aubrey
Cutting Sealtight With Ease - C Beals

Put Plumber's Scraps To Good Use
 Laser-Pointer Pipe Runs - S. Lizewski
90 Bends Simplified - J. Carns
  Use a Ballon to Plug Unused Conduits
  Another Repair For Acoustical Tile - B. Zannone
  Keep Your Strands Together - M. Blanford
  Removing Miniature Bulbs w/ Ease - Orlando E.
  Driving Ground rods With Ease - Joel Smith
  Cutting Through Fire Walls With Ease - Tazman
  Use Oven Mitt To Form PVC - M. Blandford
How To Match 90 Bends With Ease - T. Chism
  Wire Marking
Chipboards Make Great Snakes - John Gunn
  Hard To Fish Conduit - (Joe Scerbo)
  Use A Plastic Bag For A Mouse -(Laine Peterson)
Use Paper to Hold Screw on Screwdriver - (A. Herron) 
Use a Flat Boring Bit to Fish - (Marty Sigarto)
Getting fish tape through a hard pipe - (Kelly La Rue)
Cutting Conduit Made Easy - (B Jones)
Untwisting wires made easier - (C Beals)
Use PVC to punch under sidewalk - (Garald Smalling)
Easier way to use drive pins - ( Tony Herron)
Use wirenut to correct threads - (Tom Kallman)
Use Paper To Catch Debris - (T Chism)
Production PVC Bends - (Ken Depue)
Use Duct Strap For Positioning Spring Nuts
No pull for underground services - (C Beals)
Reusable Splitbolt Bugs - (T Chism)
Crazy Bars - (C Beals)

Easy labeling for NMC - (Fred White)
Easy clean up - (HWSparks)
Slip joint pliers used to ream conduit - (Bill Butler)
How to make a stand light - (Alan Buchanan)
Paint boxes for ease of identifying
Straightening a coiled up fish tape - (Scott Lear)
Knock-out removal made easy - (EC Mag)
Use a coat hanger to drill - (Ken Depue)
Putting holes in drywall - (Ken Depue)
Make template to hang lights - (Ken Depue)
Handy notepad - (Ken Depue)
Drilling in reverse saves saw (Ken depue)
Use coat hanger to fish - (Kenneth Cronce)
Extend life of saw blades
Installing MC with ease (Mark Tidmore)
Find phase by dividing (T Chism)
Use conduit bender as a vise - (H.W. Sparks)
Take the edge off of nylon ties - (H.W. Sparks)
Make wire pulling smoother
Prevent tangled wires
How to protect your 7/8 hole saw
How to repair bent/twisted fish tape
How to pull cables across existing ceilings
How to repair underground PVC pipes
Making large panel covers easier to access
Using cotton string to cut PVC pipe
Keep wires dry
How to hook your fish tape
Identify boxes (T Chism)
How to striaghten your fish tape - A thompson
No chuck key handy? - K. Depue
Enlarging holes with a hole saw
Bending PVC without a bender - J. Taber
Easy Method for Connecting Motors - D. Cramer
Another way of straightening a Fish Tape - J. Grimes
Mark rope to identify end of wire pull - L. Shorts
Bend PVC pipe using truck exhaust - B. Heller
No hex key? - Bill
Fishing Frozen Pipes - J. De Melo
Easy Drilling Into Concrete - B. Frank
Lube NM Cable For Ease -  M. Brown
A Flashlight Can Help You Fish - M. Brown
Pushing Wires Through Short Runs of Conduit - M. Newberry
Switch Motion Lights - B. Bamford
Quick Rubber Cutting - K. Vienneau
Make A Close Nipple - J. Ivy
Removing Lime From Water Heaters
Fast Wire Respooling - P. Zumwalt
Use Arc Tube To Sharpen Knife
Use Tape On Holesaw In Live Panel - C. Beals
Insulate Your Screwdriver - E. Finkelstein
Plugging Sheetrock Holes - B. Bamford
Use Tennis Ball To Pull Cable
Use C-Clamp in Tight Stud Spaces - S. Voegel
Tight Spot Nailing - J. Fiala
Forgot to mark your wire pull - J. Bowe
Use Bender To Aid In Bending PVC - J. Fisher
Plastic Wire Spool Secret - Brenda
Using Old Conduit in Old Houses - P. Clayton
Untwisiting Twisted Cable - A. Balduc
Use Whitney Punch for Washers - S. Albergo
A Continous Wire Feed for Nipples - S. Albergo
Temporary Splitbolts - Kevin Haskins
Use Excel To make Panel Schedules
Use EMT to make Deep Socket - Jess Estrada
Use Tape Measure to find Circuit Color - Corey Lutters
Pulling Heavy Gauge Cable Manually & Efficiently - M. Hilbert
Keep Pipe Racks Even And Straight - Kenny Wilee
Wire Nut Driver
Save Time With Index Cards - Bassjigger
Use Plastic Bottle To Help Fish Tape in Big Pipe - Chris F
Use #2 To Grind Paint Off - R. Becker
Locating Attic Locations With Ease - Jerry Weems
Easy Wire Pulls In PVC - Bruce Toward
5/16 Nutdriver for wirenuts - E.D. Blacker
Instant Allthread Nut Spinner - Lawrence
Easy Bend For PVC Conduit - James Dekanich
No More Sharp Edges On Tie Wraps - Jay Davis
Making Holes In wall - Gardner R. Friscia
Use Hanger To Find Wall Location - James M. Knecht
Use Milk To Drill Stainless Steel
Use Strain Reliefs In Correct K.O.s' - A.C.
Indicator bulb Removal - J. Gouveia
Keep Threaded Rod From Rolling
Use Ceiling Grid Wire to Fish Walls - Tisha Greer
Strip Wire, Then Push - Shawn Moffitt
Fishing NM to existing J Boxes - Michael Lenherr
Difficult Fish, Done Easier - Jack Fisher
Use Magnet To Clean Metal Shavings - E. Aubry
Tape Measure Note Pad - M. Blanford
A Driller's Helper
Use Pull String to Pull Wire - J. Carns
Use KO Filler To Enlarge Hole
How To Keep Blueprints Wrinkle-Free
 Repair for Acoustical Tile - Kevin C.
Self-Holding Scewdriver - Bruce H.
Necessary Tool for Clean-up - HW Sparks
Terminating Stranded Wire Under A Device - T. Rust
Use Cosecant For Multiplier
Use Stick Ruler To Find Degrees
Use A Tank To Pull Cable
Finding A Lost Wire Or Box - Bill Davis
Sealtight Hacksawing Made Easy - (John Ellett)
Threading PVC Coated Pipe - (Joe Scerbo)
Drywall Biscuits For Old Work - (Steve Miller)
Find Boxes After The Drywallers - (Ken D.)
Use Morse Code - (Ken Depue)
How to replace a broken light bulb - (C. Gilchrist)
Use a Torpedo to find back of conduits
Use Vise-Grip to hold box - (S. Albergo)
How To Keep Cables Straight in Tray - ( M Mendoza)
PVC to EMT Transitions - ( Michael Tomashowski)
Use Magnet To Collect Shavings
Use Tape MeasureTo Fish - (T Chism)
Anti-Itch Remedy For Insulation
Professional Off-sets - (Dan Calloway)
Drilling for a Service Riser
Color Blue Prints for Easy Use

How to bend conduit with wire - (T Chism)
Stranded wire hooks - (Chris Beals)
A good way to ream rigid conduit - (CNJ)
Penetrations through fire-rated walls - (Bill Butler)
Reduce friction when drilling
How to make a circular snake holder
Twisting wires on fish tape - (T Chism)
Use insulation to cover burrs
Make use of an old tape measure - (T Chism)
Use wire to fix rec. - (Ken Depue)
Hang cans with ease - (T Chism)
Use a small pulley to pull wire
Reinforcing sledgehammer handle
Ease of troubleshooting for photocells
Use duct tape to remove adhesive
A different way to ream EMT - (vortecs10)
Liquid soap is no lubricant - (vortecs10)
Duct seal helps hole sawing
Vinegar cleans out old compound
Repair marked up acoustical tile
How to keep rust off your tools
Safer fishing in live panels
Stop stripping threads on quickbolts
Use the phone to identify wiring
Use a magnet to keep screws handy (T Chism)
Installing box supports (T Chism)


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