"Switch Motion Lights:"

From: Bill Bamford

   When installing new floodlights in dwellings, use 12-3wg instead of 12-2wg between lights and the switch.  Feed the switch hot.  Connect the white ground wire in the 12-3wg cable to a ground wire in the switch.  Connect the black wire to the hot wire in the switch, and the red wire to the switched hot wire on the switch. 
    Then connect the white ground wire in the cable to the white ground wire on the fixture.  Next, connect the black wire in the 12-3 cable to the black wire on the fixture.  Then remove the connector between the red wire on the sensor and the flood lights.  Connect the red wire in the 12-3 cable to the red wire of the sensor and the hot wire of the lights.
    This will enable the flood lights to be turned at any time by turning on with switch.  Then when the switch is turned off, the motion sensor will still be enabled. 
    This method will maintain security even when the switch is in the off position.  However, caution should be noted because the fixture will still contain hot wires even when the switch is off.  This method can also be used to activate multiple fixtures with one sensor but care must be taken to prevent overloading of the sensor.

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