"Running Nuts On All-thread:"

From:  Jon Amado (IBEW) jonamado@home.com

When building pipe racks in electric rooms. It is necessary to stack racks on top of one another using the same rod as the support. It can be a pain in the butt running those nuts all the way up the rod then sliding the washers and strut to meet the nut finally running another nut up to hold the strut. If your not careful this can be very time consuming. Others get so frustrated that they go an buy split nuts to solve the problem. Well have you ever seen what a ratty job a split nut does to a perfect rack. Well if your using 3/8 rod and 3/8 nuts. This task can be accomplished with ease. Get A scrap piece of 1/2 inch emt for (3/8) or 3/4 for (1/2)nuts. Cut the emt to your desired length . Take your nut set it on the floor take your piece of emt slide it over the nut lightly bang on the emt with a hammer this will cause the nut to stick into the conduit once this occurs turn the nut side up and beat it down until its about 3/4 of the way. Then take your channlelocks (slip joint pliers) and form the conduit to the contour of the nut. The nut should then slide in and out with ease. Now take your 1/2 inch hole saw and remove the drill bit out of it, slide the conduit into the hole saw
then through the openings on the side of the holesaw run a small self tapping screw through the emt on both sides leaving slightly loose to let the conduit free flow then take your worlds longest nut driver install into your cordless drill and pop a nut in the tip and drive it home. Oh No I forgot the washer, well not a problem put the drill in reverse and take the nut back off, slap the washer on and drive it home once again to about snug. Finally tighten with your wrench. This will Save you much time and grief.

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