"How to hook your fish tape from the other end:"


When you push your fish tape in a conduit and it finally comes to a dead stop, knowing that it must be there but is not you have two choices; either you can pull it out and try pushing it from the other side or you can go to the other end and take another fish tape (if another one is handy or you can use a piece of wire, #10 solid would be the best choice) with a open hook and push it in until you feel it hit the fish tape. When it hits the fish tape, push additional 3 to 5 feet. Then take the piece of fish tape or wire and twist it inside the conduit with fast, circular motion (crank it like you would a old manul crank). Make at least 15 to 20 circular motions. Then when you are ready to pull back, make sure the fish tape on the other end is ready to be fed in. When you pull back you will see that the wire you put in to grab your fish tape is twisted around and hooked to it.

This trick works most of the time, it may take sometime to get the feel for it, but once you get the feel of it, it really saves some aggravation.

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