"Hard To Fish Conduit:"

From: Joe Scerbo scerjfpl@earthlink.net

If a conduit run is either, too long without proper pulling points, or there is too many bends in a conduit run pushing a fish tape can be an aggravating mission.

However if you have two fishtapes or two pieces of a fishtape, you simply tie on a string in a loop and push as far as you can with force if necessary then taking your 2nd tape you form a tight hook without any tape on it you push the fish tape as far as you can when you're sure your to the point past the 1st fish tape you twist the 2nd fish tape @ a dozen or so times, next you gently pull on the 2nd fish tape once you've hooked on to the 1st fish tape's string the person on the 1st end feeds -----viola

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