"Hanging cans with ease:"

From: Tim Chism (tchism@vantek.net)

When hanging electrical cans, I have found a smart way of making this installation go smoother. When hanging a can and you do not have pipes entering the bottom of the can, take (2) 2 x 4's cut to the proper length you want your can mounted. Take these 2 x 4's and put them against the wall where you will be placing the can. Then all you have to do is to set the can on top of the 2 x 4's and mount it to the wall. This can usually be done with one person. Now, if you have pipes entering the bottom of the can then just stub up your pipes to the proper length and use them to rest the can on. I would think that would be only way to do this anway, because it would be kind of tough to put the pipes in the bottom after you hang the can.

Supporting the can to drywall can be simplified by taking a 7/8 unibit and drilling out the manufacturer's 3/8" - 1/2" hole to 7/8". Then when you are ready to set the can all you have to do now is take your drill and drill a hole through the sheetrock where the hole mounts are and then you will be able to stick your toggle bolts through the hole mounts with out having to fight the can back down. You will have to use some type of fender washer to cover up to oversize hole mounts.

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