"Galvanized Wire Twister:"

From:Allen Barnett - allen_barnett@bigfoot.com

Many of us use galvanized tie-wire to secure fixtures to the hat-track type of suspended gypboard ceilings. Twisting the wire with pliers can get old in a hurry.

This duty can be eased by the purchase of a little tool commonly used by concrete workers to twist the tie wire used to hold re-bar together. Unfortunately I don't know the 'official name' name of this tool - but it is a wooden handle with a specially bent floating shaft that protruding from the center. You will know the tool when you see it.

To use - you position your fixture and start the tie-wire - make a small loop on the lapped ends of the tie-wire - hook and spin the tool to twist the wire tight. In operation - it is really fast!

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