"Color blueprints for easy use:"

From: T Chism

When tackling a good size job, take your set of blue prints and color code all of your circuits. Then make a legend off to side on that set of prints telling you which color corresponds with what circuit. This helps speed up the job and makes things go much smoother, when all the circuits are somewhat divided up in colored sections. What I usally do on the light plan is color in all the lights that are on the same circuit. This makes it much easier to see, because some of the drawings now a days, especially CAD drawings, it is really hard to see where the engineer intended for the circuit to start and begin. On the power plan, I just loop all my receptacle circuits and then color in the area of the homerun, according to what color j-box I have it going to. This is really great for apprentices, because it will not confuse them, and it also makes looking at the prints quicker.

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