"Use Bender To Bend PVC:"

From: Lynn Foley kycats@carlsbadnm.com

You can bend PVC pipe with a bender also! I have found that if you bend it to 90 degrees you will get a 45. It seems to work out pretty close to half of the degrees you bend it at. You will have to make 2 bends to get a 90 but it is MUCH FASTER than heating the pipe! I haven't tried it on any pipe larger than 1 inch but I would guess that as the pipe gets bigger, the maximum degrees that you would be able to use this method would decrease. Another handy way is to find something that resembles the degrees you want and lay the pipe on it and let the sun COOK it if you have time before it needs to be installed. Anything to make life easier since we are such HARD WORKERS!

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