"Amps. By Multiplication:"

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Dividing shortcut, Hey if your like me, when you’re trying to figure out how many
amps. a piece of Equipment draws, long division is a hassle and I usually get it wrong, but multiplying is a lot easier.
Well with this shortcut you can use multiplication instead of division to divide watts by volts.
Example: usual way to figure how many amps. in 5000 watts with a voltage of 120 volts is to divide 5000/120=41.66 amps.

Shortcut : You multiply the watts 5000 by the reciprocal of 120 which will give you the same answer as dividing.
The reciprocals for these voltages are 120=.008333
Shortcut Example:
watts x reciprocal=amps
5000 x .008333=41.66
5000 x .004807=24.03
5000 x .004347=21.73
5000 x .003610=18.05
5000 x .002083=10.41

By the way to get the reciprocal of a number divide “1” by the number you want the
reciprocal of the result is the reciprocal.

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