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Updated 01/26/2012

This site is dedicated to the electrician and the electrical construction industry.  Here at Electricians' Toolbox our goal is to share information that is useful to the electrician as well as the electrical contractor.  This site is full of different options: definitions, formulas, useful info, discussion group, downloads and many more. This site also offers monthly code quizzes and Tricks of the Trade. We also have several links to business and manufacturers in the Electrical Industry as well as advertisements for different companies. This site is constantly being updated, so BOOKMARK now and keep checking back. And as always, ETE appreciates you stopping in and welcomes your visit anytime!

This site is not intended for the do-it-your-self person, only qualified electrical persons.

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E.T.E. Recent updates: 01/26/2012

Sorry for not updating this site, but I have over the passed couple of years been busy starting my own company. It has been an exciting time as well as, rewarding. I thank all of you who continue to suport this site. Please continue to share with others. I will continue to keep this site up as long as I see a need and support.
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Added new pic to picture section.
Thanks for all your support!
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Electricians Toolbox accepts no responsibility for the content in these pages or the links.
This site is maintained for the qualified person in the electrical industry.

This site is not intended for the do-it-your-self person, only qualified electrical persons.

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