September 1999

Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 1999 Code Book.

Question #1:
The space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height of ___ feet above the equipment or to the structural ceiling, whichever is lower, shall be dedicated to the electrical installation.
(A) 3 feet        
(B) 6 feet
(C) 12 feet
(D) 25 feet

Question #2:
For termination provisions for equipment for circuits rated 100 amps or less ____ shall be used for the ampacity of the conductor sized used.
(A) 60 C
(B) 75 C
(C) 90 C

Question #3:
In a commercial lease space is it necessary to install a GFCI Receptacle in the kitchen for the protection of personnel?
(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #4:
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) shall l be a requirement  in year 2002?
(A) True   
(B) False

Question #5:
In dwelling units, at least one wall receptacle shall be installed in bathrooms within  ___  inches of the outside edge of each sink. The receptacle outlet shall be located on a wall that is adjacent to the sink  location.
(A) 18 inches
(B) 24 inches
(C) 36 inches
(D) 48 inches

Question #6:
Can a single family dwelling be fed with a 60 amp 3 wire service?
(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #7:
Service laterals that are not encased in concrete  and that are buried 18 inches or more below grade level shall have their location identified by a warning ribbon that is placed in the trench at least ___ inches above the underground installation.
(A) 3 inches
(B) 6 inches
(C) 9 inches
(D)12 inches 

Question #8:
Can raceways, cable assemblies, boxes, cabinets and fittings be secured to ceiling support wires?
(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #9:
Metal raceways, cable armor, and other metal enclosures for conductors shall be metallicaly joined together into a continous electric conductor and shall be connected to all boxes, fittings, and cabinets so as to provide effective electrical continuity. Now knowing all of this is it necessary to make short sections of raceways used to provide support or protection of cable assemblies from physical damage electrically continous?
(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #10:
Where the opening to an outlet, junction, or switch point is less than 8 inches in any dimension, each conductor shall be long enough to extend at least ___ inches outside the opening.
(A) 3 inches
(B) 6 inches
(C) 9 inches
(D) 12 inches

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