November 1999

Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 1999 Code Book.

Question #1:
A ceiling fan must be located ___ feet above the bath tub rim or a shower stall threshold.
(A) 6 feet   
(B) 7 feet   
(C) 7 feet, 6 inches
(D) 8 feet

Question #2:
1/2 HP and larger motors must be marked w/ LRA (Locked Rotor Amps)?
(A) True
(B) False

Question #3:
Conductors supplying power conversion equipment must be sized ___% of the rated input.
(A) 85%       
(B) 115%
(C) 125%
(D) 150%

Question #4:
Where PVC conduit is used in a hazardous location for underground systems there must be a minimum coverage of ___ feet.
(A) 18 inches
(B) 24 inches
(C) 30 inches
(D) 36 inches

Question #5:
When dealing with enclosures in hazardous locations which contain a factory seal, can this seal be used to serve for another enclosure?
(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #6:
By using a Type Z pressurization equipment located in a Class I  Division 2 area can be reduced to a nonhazardous location.
(A) True
(B) False  

Question #7:
Separation of intrinsic conductors and power conductors must be equal to ___mm between such conductors.
(A) 25mm
(B) 30mm
(C) 40mm
(D) 50mm

Question #8:
A service pit in a commercial garage is considered nonclassified if it has a exhaust ventilation system which moves the air at a rate of 1 cfm / ft² of floor area at all times.
(A) True
(B) False

Question #9:
Generators can be sized to handle the maximum actual demand likely to be produced by the connected load on the essential system found in health care facilities.
(A) True
(B) False

Question #10:
General purpose enclosures can be used in a class I, Division 2 locations if their contacts are hermetically sealed.
(A) True
(B) False

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