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July 1999

Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 1999 Code Book.

Question #1:
Where a pipe heating cable outlet is installed for a mobile home cold water pipe supply, the outlet shall among other requirements, be connected:
(A) to a dedicated GFCI branch circuit.
(B) on the load side of a GFCI protected small appliance circuit.
(C) on a general purpose circuit where all of the outlets are on the load side of the GFCI  protection for personnel.
(D) any of the above

Question #2:
A THWN-2 conductor when installed underground in raceway shall be permitted to be derated if necessary by using the ampacity rating from what column of the ampacity tables?
(A) 60 degree
(B) 75 degree
(C) 90 degree
(D) none of the above

Question #3:
Recreation vehicle park secondary electrical distribution systems to 50-ampere recreational vehicle sites shall be derived from which of the following systems?
(A) A 120/240 single-phase, 3-wire system
(B) A 120/208 three-phase wye system
(C) A 120/240 high-leg delta system
(D) A 277/480 wye system

Question #4:
A lightning protection system is installed on a dwelling unit. Which of the following best describes code requirements for this installation?
(A) The lightning protection system shall never be connected to the electrical system.
(B) The lightning protection system shall always be connected to the electrical system.
(C) The lighting protection system shall not be connected to the electrical system if there is a computer in the dwelling.
(D) The lighting protection system ground shall be used to ground the electrical system.

Question #5:
A two gang metal box contains four nonmetallic cable clamps. What is the required volume deduction when calculating conductor fill?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

Question #6:
A metal-clad cable (Type MC) containing 3 pieces of No. 12 conductor is secured within 12 inches of a metal box. What is the maximum allowable spacing of the next cable support?
(A) 3 feet
(B) 4 1/2 feet
(C) 6 feet   
(D) 8 feet

Question #7:
When wiring "Places of Assembly" which of the following wiring methods is not permitted?
(A) Tray cable
(B) Type MC cable
(C) AC cable containing an insulated equipment grounding conductor
(D) Type MI cable

Question #8:
Which of the following is not an approved identification for a grounded conductor?
(A) a natural gray color
(B) a white color
(C) three continuous white stripes on green insulation
(D) three continuous white stripes on any color except green insulation

Question #9:
A 1/4 by 4 inch copper busbar is installed in a sheet metal auxiliary gutter. What is the maximum permitted ampacity of this busbar?
(A) 1000 amperes
(B) 800 amperes
(C) 700 amperes
(D) 600 amperes

Question #10:
Armored cable installed in an attic accessible only through a scuttle hole shall have substantial guard strips at least as high as the cable when within how many feet of the scuttle hole?
(A) 8 feet
(B) 7 feet
(C) 6 1/2 feet

(D) 6 feet

Thanks for taking E.T.E.'s Code quiz!

July 99 code quiz created by Robert Keis.

If you find any discrepancies please feel free to email E.T.E. at

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