Code Quiz # 2

Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 2005 Code Book.


Question #1:
A GFCI receptacle must be installed if it is located with 6ft. from the outside edge of a dwelling unit utility sink.

(A) True   
(B) False

Question #2:
What is the minimum clearance from ground for a 480V overhead span of open conductors over a commercial driveway with no truck traffic?
(A) 12 feet
(B) 15 feet 
(C) 16.5 feet
(D) 18 feet

Question #3:
 When installing a service feeder under a building, what is the minimum depth requirement of the trench?
(A)  6 inches
(B) 12 inches
(C) 18 inches
(D) 24 inches

Question #4:
If it is impracticable to mount the service head above the point of attachment, what is the maximum distance below the point of attachment it can be mounted?
   6 inches
(B) 12 inches 
(C) 24 inches
(D) 36 inches

Question #5:
What is the maximum run length of a 18AWG fixture wire that is tapped on to a 20 amp branch circuit?
(A)   6 feet
(B) 12 feet
(C) 25 feet
(D) 50 feet

Question #6:.
Is it permissible to have the water pump disconnect, which serves for fire protection, to be located remotely from all other feeder grouped disconnects.
(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #7:
In a dwelling unit, the code requires a receptacle in the hallway if it exceeds ____ft or more.

(A)   3 feet
(B)   6 feet
(C) 10 feet
(D) 12 feet

Question #8:
Is it necessary by code to install ARC Fault Interpreters  (AFCI) on a light circuit that feeds a dwelling unit bedroom?

(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #9:
Is it permissible to put any other wire than service wire in with a service feeder?
(A) Yes
(B) No

Question #10:
Branch circuits that are larger than ___amps can only feed non-lighting loads.
(A) 20 amps   
(B) 30 amps
(C) 40 amps
(D) 50 amps

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