August 2002

Test your knowledge of the code, by taking E.T.E.'s code quiz.
There are 10 questions, which are multiple choice.
Based on the 2002 Code Book.
Quiz by Robert Keis.

Question #1:
A piece of Power and Control Tray Cable (Type TC) has a square inch area of 0.224, contains 8 pieces of No. 12 THHN conductor, and is to be installed in a Rigid Metal Conduit raceway system.  What is the minimum Metric Designator size of the Rigid Metal conduit permitted to contain this cable?
(A) 12
(B) 16
(C) 21    
(D) 27

Question #2:
Receptacles that provide shore power for boats shall be rated not less than 30 amperes and shall be _________________.
GFCI protected receptacle
Locking and grounding type receptacle
Multi-outlet circuit
120/240 volt circuit

Question #3:
Hospital grade receptacles are required for which of the following areas of a health care facility?  
 Nursing homes
(B) Dental offices
(C) General care patient bed locations
(D) All health care receptacles  must be hospital grade

Question #4:
Any room or location in which flammable anesthetics or volatile flammable disinfecting agents are stored a hospital shall be considered a Class 1, Division ______________.  
Div. 2 location from floor to ceiling
(B) Div 1 location from floor to ceiling 
(C) Div. 2 location to a level 18 inches off the floor
(D) Div. 1 location to a level 18 inches off the floor

Question #5:
At a marina each shore power connection shall have a disconnecting means located at a readily accessible location not more than __________ from the receptacle it controls.
(A) 50 feet    
(B) 30 feet    
(C) 30 inches
(D) 12 inches

Question #6:
At a marina the electrical datum plane in land areas not subject to tidal fluctuations is a horizontal plane __________ above the highest water level for the area occurring under normal circumstances.
30 inches
(B) 24 inches
(C) 12 inches
(D) 8 inches

Question #7:
Conductors and cables shall be routed to avoid wiring closer than _________ from the outer edge or any portion of the yard that can be used for moving vessels or stepping or unstepping masts.
10 feet    
(B) 15 feet    
(C) 20 feet
(D) 25 feet

Question #8:
All electrical connections on a floating pier at a marina shall be made a minimum of ________inches above the deck.
30 inches
(B) 24 inches
(C) 18 inches
(D) 12 inches

Question #9:
Marina yard and pier distribution systems shall not exceed _______ phase to phase.
600 Volts    
(B) 480 Volts
(C) 240 Volts
(D) 208 Volts

Question #10:
Which of following is required of portable power cables used as permanent wiring on the underside of piers at marinas.
(A) Must be rated at least 600 volts
(B) Listed for both wet locations and sunlight resistant
(C) Resistant to temperature extremes, oil, gasoline, ozone, abrasions, acids, etc.
(D) All the above.  

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