Updated: 06/19/2012

This part of the site is dedicated to pictures of in field electrical work. These pictures will be of code violations, poor workmanship, good workmanship or just to show off your work.

If you have any pictures you would like to send please email us at tim465@comcast.net.

strobe.gif (2095 bytes) Check this out.  It is a .MPG file.

      - Practical Joke made on a buddy.


Here are some pics sent in by our Guests:

Pictures below were sent in by Peter L. Jannitto Jr, CHCM, CSM.

Click on the title below to view picture.

Misc. Pics:

For pictures showing water damage to meter enclosures and panelboards, check out... www.cableseal.com.

Check out this meterbase wiring method.

The pictures below are of code violations. Pictures courtesy of Joe Tedesco. Check out Joe Tedesco's page at www.joetedesco.com

If you have any pictures you would like to send E.T.E. please send them to tim465@comcast.net.

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